Access to the external people data you need to deliver your strategy.

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Combining external talent data and business intelligence with bespoke consultancy.

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Reduce people risk during mergers and acquisitions.

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Changing business models have led to a change in the types of skills organisations need. And the convergence of business models and vertical markets mean that there are more companies than ever competing for the same skills. What can organisations do to address these challenges?

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Talent intelligence has long been an underused discipline. But as the volume of data and the capability of technology have rapidly evolved, the demand for external data to inform decisions has skyrocketed. Before you invest in a TI platform, take a look at our checklist.

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Ultimately access to skills is about competitiveness, reducing risk, saving money, and saving time. Talent intelligence on its own is a growing discipline – but it’s still used in a reactive fashion in most businesses. Talent intelligence, combined with business intelligence, and workforce planning is more strategic and proactive. It involves a different set of stakeholders, discussed at exco and board.

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All our solutions combine to help companies treat people intelligence in the way that they currently treat business and competitor intelligence.

We help businesses to shape strategy, reduce risk and gain competitive edge.


February virtual breakfast panel discussion


We’re kicking off our 2021 season with a question that many of our clients are working through right now. How can HR build the business case for investment in tech? At this time of transformation, HR has the opportunity to demonstrate its digital capability. But how can you effectively make the case to the CFO when there are so many business priorities?

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November virtual breakfast panel discussion


This month we're inviting a panel of four end users of tech to talk about the tools they've implemented to survive and thrive in 2020.

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Turning the Dial on Diversity


Join Talent Intuition and an exclusive panel of HR Directors to discuss how businesses are turning the dial on diversity.

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