Talent Intuition Launches Platform to Provide External Talent Data

April 26 2019

Provider of external talent market data, Talent Intuition, will launch a new platform, Stratigens at the end of this month. Stratigens, which pulls together millions of data points from the global talent market, will be revealed at an event at The Union Jack Club, London on Monday 29th April.

  • Includes more than 1,350 data sources including World Bank, Viadeo and SwoopTalent.
  • High level data on 294 million individual profiles globally
  • Covers all major cities in 45 countries and growing
  • Talent demand data updated weekly, talent supply data updated monthly
  • Available by monthly subscription


After seeing a gap in the market for a technology platform that would provide intelligence and insight on the external talent landscape, Stratigens was developed by Talent Intuition’s CEO Alison Ettridge and has taken more than two years to come to fruition.

Stratigens offers HRDs a new way of accessing people intelligence to shape strategy and reduce risk says Alison:

“We’ve been talking for years about HR becoming more strategic but what’s really needed to make this happen is external talent insight - so that HR can answer business critical questions like do we have the skills base to deliver our strategy? If not, where will we find these skills? Are we in the right locations to deliver our strategy? We developed Stratigens to answer these questions.”

Stratigens combines millions of data-points from more than 1,350 data sources, many of which are not available through a normal web-search, and presents them in a useable, editable and shareable format.

While the development of internal HR analytics has taken huge leaps forward in recent years, Alison believes that bringing external talent data into the equation is what’s needed.

“Delivering your strategy relies on you having a team with the skills your business requires in the future. Stratigens continually gathers people and location data from multiple sources, providing insight to answer strategic questions. We’re helping HRDs put people at the centre of strategic decision-making.”

Stratigens has been available to test-users for three months and feedback has been outstanding:

“Through Stratigens we’re already helping companies inform location and new market decisions, grow, consolidate and ensure business continuity.” says Alison.

Features of the platform include the facility to:

  • Search skills, culture and property data
  • Research talent supply and demand
  • Compare potential business locations
  • Model future talent scenarios
  • Configure searches and download reports
  • Access relevant curated HR news


Stratigens will be launched to an audience of HRDs on 29th April in London.

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This video demonstrates user cases: https://vimeo.com/321039300   



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