Join our July virtual breakfast panel discussion

July 08 2020
How will we re-think skills supply in the post COVID-19 world?
Time: Jul 23, 2020 08:30 AM in London
As part of our monthly breakfast club for senior HR Leaders, we are delighted to present our next virtual panel discussion in partnership with Tucker Stone.
Join Talent Intuition and an exclusive panel of HR Directors, including:
  • David Balls, Group / Retail Human Resources Director, The Rank Group plc
  • Marc Weedon, Senior HR Director (International), Zuora
  • Olivia Stone, Managing Director and Founder, Tucker Stone
  • Laurence Collins, Future of Work Strategist, Digiworkz

to discuss how businesses are redeploying their workforces in the post COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 was the catalyst for a sprint in business transformation that has changed the way employers and employees view the world of work. We’ve experienced the best and the worst of remote working. As a result, businesses are questioning their real estate footprint and their carbon footprint. An appetite for more virtual working has opened up a diverse global talent pool for organisations that are rapidly trying to close the skills gaps exposed during COVID-19. As we return to work, HR has a rare window to redeploy the workforce in a way that’s fit for the new ecosystem of work.


- Learnings from our June panel and how the return to work is progressing
- Responding to talent supply challenges such as location, diversity and skills shortages
- Redeploying the workforce to optimise skills supply in the post COVID-19 world
- Panel discussion with our HR leaders on the practical things they are doing and their views on redeploying their workforces, including what ‘the art of the possible’ in transformation could be