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Alison Ettridge, Director, is a proven and effective  Director with a track record of growing businesses in the recruitment and HR consulting arena.  Having been on the leadership team for a VC buyout, and for a corporate acquisition, as well as being the CEO of an acquiring business Alison realised how badly many acquisitions are handled from a people perspective. Consequently, she set up Talent Intuition to help make acquisitions perform better and deliver growth more quickly - by saying "no" when the people bit won 't work.

Talent Intuition is a people intelligence technology business. We use research to help businesses make better informed decisions. Finding a way to measure the intangible impact people have on an organisation is hard for finance teams to assess in financial terms. Strategy consultants rarely take into account people intelligence and data when making strategic recommendations.

By the time the decision is made, it is too late, the people piece has to ‘fit in’, regardless of cost or impact. Leaving HR teams and Talent teams globally reacting to a problem, not proactively informing the decision. We deliver talent data & intelligence to help companies make effective decisions - closing the strategy - execution gap.


Made up of a team of highly capable research associates, talent, leadership development and competitive intelligence we use this experience to help companies make informed decisions. Led by a recognised industry expert and advised by an experienced investor, board advisor and grower of technology and digital businesses.


HuHar Associates and Martyn Cole. Martyn Cole, Managing principle of HUHAR has worked for over 30 years in senior roles in IT Services for some of the worlds leading brands.

He has held senior roles for a well known global retail leading chain, been in senior leadership roles in Microsoft & Fujitsu and more recently has held a number of director level interim roles, most recently for a leading third party maintenance company.

He has worked with a wide range of clients and suppliers and has negotiated multiple complex agreements, gaining experience of, and overcoming many pitfalls that organisations of all sizes have had to face.


Andrew Sutcliffe,  Board Advisor. Andrew is a highly experienced investor, Board advisor and consultant who has spent twenty years in the fintech and digital media space starting, growing and exiting businesses. Andrew has particular expertise helping high growth companies enter new markets.

Andrew Sutcliffe Toby Culshaw

Toby Culshaw - leads Global Talent Intelligence at Philips. Toby’s responsibilities include all research, talent Intelligence and labour risk and feasibility intelligence, across the breadth of the Philips organisation globally.  


simon turner

Simon Turner - Highly skilled technical architect and CTO able to translate IT advances into tangible business benefits. 30 years of practical experience with many modern technologies, focusing on public and hybrid cloud and big data systems across multiple business domains. Tech Advisor to the Board.



Sukhwant Bal - Corporate Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience with leadership teams of global, big brand corporates, focusing on developing leaders to be great coaches, change agents and the best version of themselves, developing an approach called 100 WATT leadership.




Sukhwant Bal