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We are building a unique platform, Stratigens, to support decision making and that will help our clients seamlessly integrate this data into their reports.


Talent Intuitions Stratigens works as an integral part of your strategic planning.

Our solution helps de-risk and secure competitive advantage by making sure you have

access to the people data you need to execute and deliver your strategy.


Stratigens helps address the questions:

Do we have the skills base to deliver our strategy? If not, where do we get them from?

Are we in the best locations to deliver our strategy? If not, where should we be?


Whatever the scenario; skills, trends, behaviours and activity in talent outside your organisation

are influencing your chances of success.  Stratigens makes sure you’re ahead of the game by

bringing external talent analytics to your fingertips. And Stratigens will keep you informed

and tell you what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s unusual in your competitive environment.


We believe all businesses should be proactive in their preparation for the future. It’s about being ready

to thrive in unexpected circumstances, with people front of mind.


Whatever the risks and opportunities, Stratigens can provide the people insight that enables strategy,

planning and delivery from a talent point of view. We enable you to predict human capital trends and

visualise the future (v1).  


Stratigens is about foresight, understanding where your business is going and the impact this has on the skills your business needs to deliver your strategy.


Depending on the depth of our relationship, this platform helps:

  • Inform location decisions from a talent perspective

  • Inform talent strategy from a skills perspective

  • Inform your M&A strategy from a leadership perspective

  • Inform your integration strategy from a cultural perspective


And after that, we're working on a cloud platform that will help you build your data into the platform to help you make decisions at an enterprise level.


And we are developing a “What if?” scenario planning tool so

you can see what happens from a talent, cost and time perspective

depending on your question.


We’re passionate about helping businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind.




“So exciting what you are about to do – game changing!”


HR Director, FTSE100 media