Research informs a number of strategic decisions made by leadership teams- from market research, competitor intelligence or big four market research reports. Very rarely however is the people element taken into account when making decisions. Any business has two resources it can deploy: capital and talent. There is an optimal way to deploy each and we provide intelligence to cover the talent side of the equation and to help companies make informed decisions.


People intelligence:

  • reduces the people risk associated with an acquisition

  • improves the integration of businesses post acquisition to help maximise investment

  • informs strategic decision making over new market entry, locations or growth

  • provides a real time benchmark for talent


We’re passionate about helping businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind.

Talent Intuition is a people research business. We use research to gather people intelligence to help businesses reduce risk and make informed decisions. This is a unique offering, we are unique in our focus on insight and intelligence, we are not a recruitment business nor an HR consultancy in disguise – we inform decisions with insight.

Wherever people meet strategy there is a need for insight:


  • Acqui-intelligence. Who to buy, market leaders, key players & the stars. Origination teams use this insight to inform an approach.

  • People integration tool. A visual representation of compatibility across eight cultural dimensions to focus integration activity & reduce disruption.

  • Location intelligence to build understanding of a new vertical or geographic market from a talent perspective in order to inform entry strategy, exit strategy or a change management programme to save time & money.

  • Organisation design intelligence to help shape your business & take a proactive talent strategy to support business change to save time.

  • People intelligence to derisk your leadership team with external connection & insight.

  • Competitive intelligence & insight.

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