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What we do


Talent Intuition Ltd helps corporates make better informed strategic decisions by generating external talent data, combining it with bespoke people intelligence consultancy and delivering it via bespoke software tools. 


Through our analytics product, Stratigens, we deliver data on people, talent supply, talent demand and intelligence on salaries, quality and structure; and AI to deliver business intelligence so that corporates can make effective and informed decisions in the competitive world of talent. We provide external talent analytics to change the way people decisions are made.


Talent Intuition researchers deliver bespoke people intelligence projects that focus on building external intelligence around people. Whether that be to engage with new skills and capabilities, to engage with and interact with diverse talent or to identify acquisition targets, our researchers can deliver bespoke consultancy projects. Where applicable we can enhance the Stratigens data by pairing it with customised intelligence gathered by Talent Intuition researchers.


Through our cultural diagnostic tool, Pi3, we make it easy to visualise key cultural dimensions of difference. Visualising the gap across two entities, across their leadership teams, across functions and across countries helps integration teams to see where to focus activity.


All our solutions combine to help companies treat people intelligence in the way that they currently treat business and competitor intelligence to help them shape strategy, reduce risk and gain competitive edge.


We’re passionate about helping businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind.

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Talent Intuition is changing the way that people decisions are made. We help companies to shape strategy and reduce risk by making external human capital data as readily accessible as business intelligence. We change the way organisations make decisions,  helping the Board and leadership team understand the competitive talent landscape, the people risk and the people capability they need to deliver their strategy.


Talent is the most powerful resource for driving competitiveness and boosting prosperity at a country, city and organisation level. The demand for new skills, globalisation and the convergence of existing skills means that companies are increasingly competing for talent.


External talent data is expensive and time-consuming to source manually and in multiple sources of different format. So without access to talent data, companies are making strategic decisions and entering into the war for talent blind.


This demand fuels high recruitment costs, a reactive approach to talent, increases talent risk and impacts on competitive advantage.


Talent Intuition bridges the gap between strategy and execution by blending technology with people intelligence. Talent Intuition Ltd helps corporates make better informed strategic decisions by generating external talent data and delivering it via bespoke software tools. Our solution helps de-risk and secure competitive advantage by making sure you have access to the people data you need to execute and deliver your strategy.



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